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With type-tested standard modular SIVACON panels conforming to high security standards, production can be done up to 7400A at 690V operating voltage. Form 1 to 4, IP30 to IP54 application opportunities are available.

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Type-tested standard modular, ALPHA panels conforming to advanced security standards, can make production under operating power up to 690V (Alpha 630) and 4000V (Alpha 125), primary distribution floor-mounted model (Sikus) up to 3200A and wall and floor-mounted model (Alpha) up to 630A.

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High dependability low voltage switchboards for power distribution and motor control. Blokset switchboards suitable for use in large industrial sites, commercial buildings, and infrastructure up to 6300A from Form2 to Form4.

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Prisma Plus is suitable for the distribution switching panels up to 4000A in the tertiary buildings and industry sector. System flexibility minimizes the affect of the changes in the panel. Combining the panels both horizontally and vertically enhances the flexibility.

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