Focusing on quality as a high priority, our products comply with IEC 60439-1 as standard. We also comply with occupational safety system OHSAS 18001 and environmental management system ISO14001, and we place great importance on our duty of care for people and the environment. AnelSis, which is a ‘Sivacon Technology Partner’ and a ‘Sikus Alpha Partner’, manufactures this type of test panel under license from Siemens AG under IEC 60439-1 standards. We also carry out Schneider ‘Blockset Partner’ and ‘Prisma Partner’ Schneider type-tested panel production. Our products can also have EAC-certification, valid for projects in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey. In addition to the Siemens and Schneider brands, other types and brands of panels can be supplied according to your requirements, without sacrificing AnelSis quality. With its competent quality control team, AnelSis can provide customers with factory acceptance test facilities at their premises and can carry out all necessary tests under supervision.

Quality Certificates