Electrical Design

Together with our experienced project managers and technicians, we build customer-orientated designs that comply with local and international standards. Using e-planning tools in our electrical design processes we provide fast and reliable projects for our clients.

In addition to electrical design, we can provide discrimination studies with Siemens Simaris, Schneider EcoDial or ETAP, according to customer requirement. We apply these programs to engineering work and calculations in order to check general system reliability for our customers.


We produce many different types of products, from main distribution panels to MCCs and from lighting panels to automation panels, in our modern 2450 m2 facility located in Anel Business Center.

We currently have the capacity to produce 280 cubicles at the same time. This enables us to produce panels for more than one major project simultaneously.
By using a kanban system of inventory management in our warehouses, we keep our stock at optimum levels, enabling us to provide immediate solutions for our customers.

Pre-production and Copper Production

In our pre-production area we make mechanical installations of steel parts received from our suppliers. We make unmounted parts ready for copper and switchgear installation.
We produce customized solutions as well as standardized copper parts for the panel systems in our copper production lines.

Quality Control

Our expert quality control team maintains compliance with international regulations and our own high standards. By carrying out controls during the main production phases we can prevent faults or quality defects in the early stages, before final testing.

We have a 250 m2 custom-built quality-control area at the end of our production line where our customers can attend factory acceptance tests. Our tests adhere fully to relevant safety regulations.

Service and Maintenance

Although panels only leave our factory in optimum working order and after stringent quality control, they may sometimes need service as a result of unexpected conditions on site. We provide fast and reliable service wherever we deliver our panels.

As well as servicing the panels that we supply to our customers, we also offer service and maintenance of our customers’ other brands of panels.
Together with our service and maintenance facility, we are the solution partner for our customers’ system renovations. Our service includes panel modifications and supply of additional equipment or equipment replacements.