31 January 2019

AnelSis is to Produce Panel for the Project of Unlicensed Solar Power Production with Biggest Capacity in Turkey

Anel Group signed a contract for the setup of solar power plant with Capacity of 5MWp belonging to Turgut Özal Medical Center of Malatya İnönü University. AnelSis is to produce panel in the project. Over 20.000 Solar panels with 240Wp power output will be installed on area of 150.000m2 for the solar power plant to produce unlicensed electricity power in order to practice R&D activities.  Besides being the photovoltaic solar power plant project with biggest capacity in turkey ever, it will also be the plant to produce unlicensed solar power with biggest capacity in Turkey, presently. The total project cost is 15,998,500.00 TRY for the plant and the annual electricity production amount of it is expected to exceed 8GWh.

What is unlicensed production?

Natural or legal persons are entitled to produce their own electric energy in the framework of the legal arrangements made to increase the efficiency of energy resources and energy in our country. Unlicensed production and installation of systems under 1MWp can be free of license.